Buick Encore vs. Encore GX – What’s the difference?

June 10th, 2021 by

You’ve seen the ads, “that’s a Buick?” the attractive spokespeople utter overzealously upon eyeing the luxury SUV parked in front of them.  Buick has had quite the transformation in recent years to become Not your Grandpa’s Buick.  Most notably with the introduction of the all-new Buick Encore GX.  You read that right, the Encore GX is a completely new and different vehicle from the Encore.  GX is not a trim level, but rather signifies a redesigned luxury vehicle with attractive styling to sit in the lineup between the smaller Encore and the larger Envision.

Styling & Size

Looking at these two vehicles, it becomes immediately obvious that these are not the same compact utility vehicle.  The Encore GX sports a larger grill (with optional sporty red accents on select trim levels), sharper lines, and is an overall larger vehicle than the Encore.  At 171.4 inches long, the newer Encore GX is 3 inches longer than the older Encore.  The GX also adds 1.3 inches to the vehicle’s width, providing a nice luxurious stance.  You’ll some extra front and rear legroom thanks to these sizing changes.  Moving around back, the Encore GX provides ample trunk storage.  At 23.5 cubic feet, it provides 20% more trunk space than the Encore.

Engine & Transmission

This is where the platform differences truly start to become apparent.  The Encore is driven by a 138hp turbocharged 1.4L four-cylinder engine paired to a six-speed automatic transmission with available all wheel drive.  You’ll get that same engine across all of the Encore’s trim levels.  Meanwhile, the Encore GX features two engine options, both turbocharged three-cylinder engines.  The base 1.2L engine produces 137hp and is only paired to front wheel drive models.  The more powerful 1.3L engine produces 155 horses and can be paired with both FWD and AWD models.  The GX also makes use of a CVT – continuously variable transmission – on its front wheel drive models, while a 9-speed automatic comes with all the AWD models.

Fuel Economy

As one might expect, the turbocharged 3-cylinder engine driving the GX is more apt at sipping fuel than its 4-cylinder counterpart found in the standard Encore.  The Encore GX will pull 30/32/31 city/highway/combined mpg according to the EPA, while the Encore comes in at 25/30/27 respectively.  When speaking to All Wheel Drive models, the Encore’s economy does not change according to the EPA.  On the other hand, Encore GX’s numbers come more inline with the standard Encore’s numbers when all four wheels are being driven.  AWD Encore GX owners can expect fuel economy of 26/29/28 according to the EPA.

Pricing & Features

The Encore starts at $24,600, while the Encore GX comes in at a starting price of $24,200.  Both vehicles come standard with convenience features such as proximity based lock/unlock, push-button start, Apple Carplay/Android Auto paired to an 8″ touch screen display, 18″ wheels/tires, and a 4.2″ gauge cluster display behind the wheel. The Encore GX comes standard with added safety features such as forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, and lane departure warning.  These are optional features on the Encore.

Final Thoughts

Buick has produced two exceptional compact SUVs in the Encore and Encore GX.  While the naming might be confusing, the real world differences are clear.  Both offer competitive pricing, luxury styling, and convenient features to enjoy as you take on the road.  Stop in for a test drive to learn more about these two great Buicks or click the links below to view inventory!

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